Summer Opens a Window of Opportunity For Thieves

Manchester, UK (PRWEB) May 29, 2009

With the Met Office forecasting a summer heatwave, Swinton is urging homeowners not to be complacent when leaving windows and doors open.

Hot summer days are an open invitation for sneak-in thieves taking advantage of soaring temperatures. Inadequate summer safety measures and failing to adhere to your insurer's minimum security requirements could invalidate your home insurance policy.

Garden theft is also much higher at this time of year with gardening and DIY equipment and expensive bikes being stolen from unsecured garden sheds.

Steve Chelton, Insurer development manager at Swinton said: "Being a victim of burglary can be an extremely distressing experience at any time of the year and ensuring you have good security measures can save a lot of heartache.

" It's always worth talking to your broker if you're unsure about the security requirements of your home insurance policy."

Swinton's top five tips to avoid summer theft:

1.    Make sure windows and doors are not left open when unattended

2.    Check that valuables are not left on show near open doors and windows

3.    Ensure there are locks on doors and all windows and a visible alarm is fitted

4.    Make arrangements for family to check on a home while on holiday, switching on lights and parking in the driveway

5.    Check all doors, windows, sheds and garages are locked before leaving on holiday


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