Like all you guys come to this website. I'm a handyman like to DIY in all projects in my garden and garage. Although I am just a starter, the excitement of DIY still releases during all my job, from start to the end, from a nail to a tool. All hard work is fun. I truly believe all DIYer will agree with me, the gain from a DIY project is not only the final success, moreover, it is the fun and excitement during the job.

I recently finished a DIY job ---- a shed for my garden stuff. It is not too complex to finish such an 8'x4' size one. However, because I was new to such kind of project, the job is not as efficient as I expected. I can't estimate very accurate how much and what materials I need, so I had to go to Homedepot and other stores very frequently. Even just for one lumber, or small amount of nails/screws. I thought that if I have better planed, the job should have been much more perfect.

With the lesson I had, I do think that a plan is as important as the experience be. I found some books can give good plans before we start our projects. e.g. "My Shed Plans" by Ryan Henderson, "Woodworking" by Ted, and more is updating to the website. The books is not only good for starters but also good for experienced DIYer. If you do have interest in how to build a shed or other woodworking, please go ahead.

With this website. I'd like to share my DIY experience and very willing to learn from your experience. If you can share your stories, from tools to your DIY job, whatever it is a pumpkin carving or a big shed, even your experience on basement renovation, tell us about your plan, your steps, your hint, your mind, your thinking, every people will appreciate your contribution.