Unique Business Opportunity For Laid Off Workers With Woodworking Skills

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 17, 2010

Now there is good news for those with woodworking skills who have been laid off from their regular job. Using only their present skills, they can promptly start a financially successful woodworking business and never have to worry about getting laid off again.

In this housing market of low valuation and tough credit, more people are staying put instead of moving up to bigger and better homes. This opens up possibilities for improving existing homes with custom cabinets and furniture of all kinds. Few homeowners have the skills or the time for building such projects.

Taking advantage of this new and growing market for all kinds of woodworking projects requires skills and tools that many woodworkers already have and can be used to go from unemployed to small business owner in just days.

Positive Imaging, LLC, a publisher of how-to information, has just published a new book entitled "Woodworking Business: Start Quickly And Operate Successfully; An Expert Woodworker Reveals The Keys To Succeeding In The Woodworking Business." Anyone with woodworking skills can use the concise how-to information in this book to start and operate a financially successful woodworking business.

The publication date for Woodworking Business: Start Quickly And Operate Successfully is May 15, 2010. For additional information about this book and a special prepublication price go to http://woodworking-business.com

For additional information on this topic or interviews, please call 512-217-4803.


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Diy Web Pack : Do It Yourself Web Design

Check out these diy products:

Diy Web Pack : Do It Yourself Web Design Complete with over 1500 custom web 2.0 images, and over 100 custom themes with full image header, this Do it Yourself Web Pack eBook shows customers how to setup professional looking websites, with it's easy Step by Step instructions & screenshot examples Diy Web Pack : Do It Yourself Web Design Diy Power Solutions - Solar Panels - Wind Turbine Highest Conversion Rates - Need We Say More? Diy Power Solutions - Solar Panels - Wind Turbine
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Clock Plans

Clock Plans Clock Plans for the hobby clock builder Clock Plans Party Planning Secrets Party Planning Information on bachelor party, graduation party, dinner party, surprise party, theme party, holiday party, and so much more. Party Planning Secrets
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Say Goodbye to Cowboy Salesmen

(PRWEB) November 6, 2004

diy2go.com currently offers the customer the opportunity to custom design their own DIY conservatory, at extremely reasonable prices. The online buying process takes you through five simple steps; range, style, size, model and options, until you are left with your perfect bespoke conservatory. This simple yet effective method of choosing a conservatory is a breakthrough in this overly technical and complicated industry.

diy2go.com has been set up by two people with a wealth of experience in industry. This father-son combination is sure to succeed. Geoff Windas has had a long and successful career in a variety of industries. He began his career as an accountant, and through much determination and ambition, became the Chief Executive of a multi-million pound consumer goods manufacturer, selling to over 60 countries worldwide. Paul Windas as Managing Director, his son, graduated from the leading university in the UK for Management and Marketing, and later went on to follow a career in marketing in the building products industry. It is through this successful combination that diy2go.com was born.

The philosophy behind diy2go.com is honesty. After experiencing the methods adopted within parts of the conservatory and window industry, where ethics were of little concern, Paul wanted to provide the opportunity for customers to purchase honest products at honest prices. Conversely diy2go.com offers high quality products backed by robust manufacturer’s guarantees at highly competitive prices.

Why not see for yourself at http://www.diy2go.com .

diy2go.com is a DIY products e-tailer, selling a huge selection of quality DIY conservatories, all available to buy securely online, backed by comprehensive manufacturer’s guarantees. diy2go.com conservatories are delivered direct to customer's doors, with comprehensive fitting instructions.

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All Bout Rose Gardens

All Bout Rose Gardens Everything there is to know about growing roses and rose gardens. All Bout Rose Gardens
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10+ Vintage Christmas Display Patterns – Woodworking – Yard Art

10+ Vintage Christmas Display Patterns - Woodworking - Yard Art 10+ patterns for making Unique Christmas Displays + 3 bonus ebooks that explain lighting effects, animating displays & how to enlarge patterns. 10+ Vintage Christmas Display Patterns - Woodworking - Yard Art
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Business Plan Secrets Revealed!

Business Plan Secrets Revealed! Find Investors For Your Business: Insider Truths About Raising Money Through Business Plans. Business Plan Secrets Revealed!
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Summer Opens a Window of Opportunity For Thieves

Manchester, UK (PRWEB) May 29, 2009

With the Met Office forecasting a summer heatwave, Swinton is urging homeowners not to be complacent when leaving windows and doors open.

Hot summer days are an open invitation for sneak-in thieves taking advantage of soaring temperatures. Inadequate summer safety measures and failing to adhere to your insurer's minimum security requirements could invalidate your home insurance policy.

Garden theft is also much higher at this time of year with gardening and DIY equipment and expensive bikes being stolen from unsecured garden sheds.

Steve Chelton, Insurer development manager at Swinton said: "Being a victim of burglary can be an extremely distressing experience at any time of the year and ensuring you have good security measures can save a lot of heartache.

" It's always worth talking to your broker if you're unsure about the security requirements of your home insurance policy."

Swinton's top five tips to avoid summer theft:

1.    Make sure windows and doors are not left open when unattended

2.    Check that valuables are not left on show near open doors and windows

3.    Ensure there are locks on doors and all windows and a visible alarm is fitted

4.    Make arrangements for family to check on a home while on holiday, switching on lights and parking in the driveway

5.    Check all doors, windows, sheds and garages are locked before leaving on holiday


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Diy Guide to the Music Biz

Diy Guide to the Music Biz Music Industry information for musicians Diy Guide to the Music Biz Worm Farms Diy How to build and manage a Worm Farm to suit the average family. Recycle household organic waste into fertiliser for your garden and help the environment too. Worm Farms Diy
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Post Office Home Insurance Reveals Hundreds of Pounds Invested in the Average English Garden

London, UK (PRWEB) May 9, 2009

Post Office Home Insurance is warning sun-seeking homeowners to be vigilant and take care that any items left in the garden overnight are adequately covered on house insurance policies. As the UK enters the bank holiday season, many UK residents will be spending more time in their gardens, drastically increasing the chance of expensive gardening tools or furniture not covered by home contents insurance being left out for the taking.

Post Office Home Insurance urges home owners to check their policies as some insurance companies include garden contents only as an optional extra on contents insurance plans. Keen gardeners or DIY enthusiasts should also make sure the cost of their tools is provided for by their home contents insurance policy, particularly if these items are kept in a Shed or likely to be left outdoors for any length of time. Some surveys estimate that the average Shed can contain £888 of property, and that 93 per cent of home owners have admitted to leaving expensive items in the garden overnight.

Garden and patio furniture, ladders, barbeques and even children's toys can be covered by contents insurance, so savvy homeowners should make sure any items left in the great outdoors overnight are provided for.


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